Types and Uses of different Tractors

Tractors offer a lot of use and convenience for many people. They are generally used for pulling, drawing in and towing heavy objects that are hard to haul around manually. However, there is a common misconception that they can only be founds on farms. There are actually several kinds of tractors that all have specific uses. Here they are.

Engineering Tractor

Then there’s engineering tractors which are suited for engineering tasks. These tractors may be fitted with tools like bucket, hoe, dozer blade, ripper, among others. If attached with engineering tools it is often referred to as engineering vehicle.


The bulldozer meanwhile is track-type tractor with blades in front. It has rope-winch at the back, and these are very strong tractors which are specifically for pushing and dragging of things. In recent years it has been modified to perform other tasks like scooping up of rock, earth, and similar materials. The bulldozer will then load up the said materials into a truck.

Garden Tractor

There is also the garden tractor which is a very simple type used for domestic gardens. They are primarily for the cutting of grass. Garden tractors are usually strongly built and are coupled with stronger axles, frames, and transmissions.

EPA Tractor

The EPA tractor is a simple automobile which has passenger space cut off at the back of the front seats. It is also equipped with a couple of gearboxes in row. This type rose in popularity in Sweden, particularly during the Second World War. Older cars which have a ladder frame can actually be customized into an EPA tractor.

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