Importance of Fuel-Efficient Cars in Kenya

Fuel Efficient Cars

Fuel Efficient Cars is gaining increased significance in Kenya with a rise of air pollution and adverse climate change in the country. As the demand for cars is increasing day by day, there is having an excessive import of second-hand vehicles in Kenya and according to some sources, there is an exceeding rate of more than 2.5 million used vehicles are currently moving on the roads of urban cities. This alarming population of vehicles is creating harmful and fatal carbon emissions which are producing the worst effect on the environment.

The government of Kenya is taking serious measures to reduce greenhouse gases emissions and make a clean and healthy pollution free atmosphere for the country. The aim is to import fuel-efficient vehicles which help provide environment-friendliness with saving more money expenses on refueling on a higher mileage which helps provides cutting costs to have an affordable living for citizens and a better economy for the country.

Being an active member of global fuel efficiency initiative (GFEI) Kenya is striving hard to set strict global standards to decrease hazardous emissions by conducting a thorough inspection of light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles on annual basis in all terms of roadworthiness, vehicle safety, and exhaust tailpipe emissions. It is also developing a strategy on tax reduction policy on vehicle fuel efficiency levels and carbon emissions. The core focus is to keep on promoting more cleaner and healthier fuel energy saving vehicles such as electric hybrid cars.

Kenya is bestowed upon a true wealth of natural resources which are being properly utilized for providing renewable energy alternatives with cleaner fuel supply for citizens.

As for the fuel-efficiency, here are some of the best fuel saving cars:

Toyota Prius Hatchback

Toyota Prius Hatchback is the finest class urban hybrid car in Kenya which offers a stunning bold robust exterior display view for customers. The spacious and luxurious comfy interior adds more significance with extended cargo trunk capacity. By means of driving performance, it delivers 94.1 mpg with 70 g/km of carbon emission and considered as the best environment-friendly family car.

Honda Fit Jazz

Honda Fit Jazz is an ultra-modern super mini 5-door hatchback car much popular among customers of Kenya due to dynamic hybrid features. It shows a trendy style display appearance with sleek stylish aerodynamic exterior and comfortable interior design with vast cargo loading storage accommodation. It is fitted with 1.5 L of gasoline 4 cylinder engine which provides a superb fuel-efficient driving performance of 14.5 km per liters within the city and 17 km/liter on the highway.

Nissan March

Nissan March is a supermini smart 5-door hatchback in Kenya built with a front-engine, front-wheel drive layout design structure for customers. It is a feminine oriented car built with a delicate soft touch and provides a wonderful fuel efficiency of 21 Kilometers per liter in the city.

Kenya is progressing faster towards a modern technological era of innovation and people are changing their interests towards importing hybrid electric fuel-efficient environment-friendly cars to consume less fuel with more mileage drive.

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